A downloadable game for Windows

In this platform games you are a jelly who escaped from a refrigerator because you were about to being a man's breakfeast.

During your trail, you will face a lot of different obstacles which will make your adventure challenging. You will face from a harsh and extremely fast ping-pong ball to a creepy street creature. Everything will seem very happy and easy at first, but not is what really seems.

You will have three lifes to complete successfully your adventure, so be careful with your actions! You will have to adapt to your circumstances to accomplish the levels. May the jelly be with you!

More information

Published 254 days ago
AuthorJoan Ginard

Install instructions

  1. Download the exe point and execute for play.
  2. At start you have three options: ''New game'', for play, ''Control'', to know how to play and ''Exit'' to quit the game.


Jelly Adventure.rar (21 MB)